Monday, July 18, 2011

Ava's 1st birthday!!

Well this post is a little late but I still need to post it. Ava turned 1 on June 15, 2011! I can't believe it has been a year. She has been such a great joy to us and brought a lot of activity to our house (she never stops moving).
Here bday was a very busy but fun day. She loved all the Happy Birthday attention. I thought it would be a good idea to get her 1 year pictures on her bday. Looking back it just made my busy day even busier but they turned out so cute I can't complain. This time she smiled more but was still a hard sell for one.

I brought her birthday outfit and a cake so I could have some cute pics with her and her cake. I I had no idea she would love to eat the cake as much as she did!!

We had a great birthday party for her that night in my parents backyard. The day could not have turned out better! It was a crazy day but well worth it!!

Two cakes in one day! I think that she has a good birthday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Harris Family Pictures

The Harris family decided to get family pics taken. When our photographer told us we were going to go to American Fork to take our pictures I was a little worried but it ended up being a really cool place. It was these old buildings with pretty brick doors. The best thing about it was Ava didn't really cry and we actually got some pics of her smiling. Parker was the only one who cried! He was playing around and cut his face. In all it was good family fun!

The Spring

Easter was great this year! Hannah and Parker were able to be with us for Easter this year and it is always makes things more exciting! We had an easter egg hunt with the ward a few days before which got the sugar high started off early. Ava loved all the plastic eggs and of course they went right into the mouth!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bello Kids March 2011

Posted by PicasaWell Ava turned 9 months yesterday so I thought it would be a good time to get the kids pictures . Ava didn't do so well. She pretty much cried or had a pretty serious face in all the pictures. Of course the one picture that she is smiling in, Parker is not! It is a good thing that she has a pretty cute serious face.